walkie talkies first appeared during World War II. As is the case with many technological advances, it was the requirements of the battlefield that forced the designers to think about shifting it into a far more portable form. The first walkie talkies would be rather inconvenient to carry around. It was not until the advent of transistor technology that enabled the device to come into the modern form today. Many people use these items for quick short-range communications. Stores have often used them to replace the public address systems. It does not disrupt the shoppers, and it allows the store employees to communicate with each other directly.

Someone who works in Christian outreach is not necessarily looking to issue requests and orders within a retail or warehouse environment. There may be times when a person uses the device for certain events that do not require the give and take of a store. The individual may use a radio handset to conduct services or some presentation. The mobile handsets are not used to reach out to random people who might just have them. They are used in situations where there are members of a behind the scenes crew who need to receive instructions.

They serve this task well. The system is not designed for a limited form of Christian broadcasting. The government officials that regulate radio broadcasts usually do not like people who try to get around there restrictions. Fortunately, these devices do not require the owner to have a license. They just need to be able to broadcast over a short distance. Walkie talkies may only be able to broadcast over a range of a few miles, but that range is more than enough for all practical purposes. If they need longer ranges, they may want to consider picking up a ham radio.

The average person involved in Christian outreach may not need a two-way radio that goes over any distance. If he works with a large staff, however, he may want to buy several sets. He needs to make sure that he has enough to go around for all of his employees. It may seem strange, but there are times when people who work together cannot rely on telepathy in order to communicate their needs. The ability to press a button and get someone on the other hand can resolve any immediate problems. The user still needs to be able to communicate his intentions clearly.

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